"To Do" list for brodie.org:

  • All stuff that was on Geocities: Links, Friends, Resume, Comments, ...
  • Personal news
  • External News of interest
  • Comments on external news: slashdot, freshmeat, ...
  • thoughts and/or web diary
  • updated neat/interesting sites to visit
  • Shareware comments and recommendations
  • Glossary of NFESC-VA terms
  • Small bits of wit, like good AIM idle/away messages
  • Links to my other sites
  • Pictures (or maybe have these at Geocities.... yeah.
  • Suggested stuff: O'Reilly, Art Bell, Al Rantel, John & Ken
  • ToDo list of stuff yet to include on the site (and a ToDo-DONE page)
  • 4.12.00 Further work on Friends page.
  • 4.11.00 Fixed colors
  • 4.2.00 Decided on page design. Basic implementation.


Site update: Added content, rearranged stuff and put some curved edges on the main text area.

The Hammernode rocks!
Thanks for the excellent DNS service!
I'd put a pic, but I can't find it.... What happened to the spinning hammer???? If anyone has it, please send it...

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