I've been collecting them for years. Got nearly a MB. Almost all sorted. (In my dreams) And, uh, as you see, almost none are listed here. Thanks anyway, I'll smack myself upside the head.

First link! SLASHDOT

Most Used

  • Freshmeat.net: for your linux app needs.
  • alphalinux.org
  • dell.com/outlet: Quality computers for less.
  • onsale.com Now Egghead, but still great deals.
  • alltheweb.com is an excellent search engine. If this doesn't find it, try NorthernLight. And if you've read this far, you've realized you should have gone to Google first.
  • For Windows shareware, Winfiles is still a favorite.


    Whazzaaaahh... (Ugh, it starts to get old after you watch 9 parodies straight, but rest a bit and it's still funny.)
  • The Official Site
  • An Unofficial Site
  • The Elian Site

    More to come...


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