Hungry? Not sure what to cook? Raid the pantry for stuff not yet expired! I'm starting to compile my recipes, and yeah, some of them came into being that very way. The domain is easy enough to remember: brodiesrecipes.com.

Also, keep your fingers crossed for the permit for slalom skating on the fourth of July on Storrow in Boston. The website is SlalomOnTheFourth.com. Another easy one! Commemorative t-shirts on the way.

This site may switch over to blog or full CMS soon, just to make these updates easier. Hand-coding makes for stagnant pages. :-P (Thrilling, I know!)

Happy Birthday, Polly.

GASP! An update! Uh, no. just this. I'll update eventually. Gotta put my site links back up. But in the mean time, here's a link to a friends site so he starts getting spidered by google. Andy Farrell's Palm Solutions, Inc.. Something about middleware, Palm, CRM?, distrobution... If you need a PalmOS programmer, here's one. At least I think so. Click, generate bandwidth usage, be happy.

In other news, I'm looking for someone. Ah yes, I note the quizzical look on your face. No, this is an old friend. Emile Yu. Wheaton College, class of 1995, swim team, butterflier. If you know him, kick his butt and tell him to contact his friend, me. here. b r o d i e  dot  o r g. Gotta spell things out for people. Hey Emile!

One more thing, if you are doing the Disney Inline Marathon, and you live in the Orlando area, AND you are looking to train with people, check out the message board for the CFTB, a local skate club. 12p and 2p on the West Orange Trail at County Line Station, Sundays.

Finally, an update, albiet meager.
Just to the swimming section. May also be adding a daily section... I guess that should go here... mainly just pointing out interesting articles on the web... considering using a blog-like thing. maybe php-nuke or postnuke... or <shrug> no just a text editor. ;)

Here's something helpful to a few folk:
Swim yardage last updated:
       Tuesday, 30-Jul-2002 15:08:22


Site update: Added content, rearranged stuff and put some curved edges on the main text area.

The Hammernode rocks!
Thanks for the excellent DNS service!
I'd put a pic, but I can't find it.... What happened to the spinning hammer???? If anyone has it, please send it...

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