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Alumni Meet 2000

First pic. Taken after lunch at Coyote something in One Kendall Sq. It's cold out, in case you couldn't tell by looking at Erica. [38k]

Here's the first pic with an image map with people's names. Yes, I need help with some....

? Bill ___ Berta Liao Deb ___ ? Josef Kurtz Tim ___ Brodie Hynes Brodie Hynes Erica Fuchs

Second pic. Erica is still cold. [38.4k]

Senior Meet 1996

My fellow seniors. [39k]

As above, but now you can see Betsy and Radu at the timer and Asst Coach Karen on deck under them. Oh, and on the left? Coach for the opposing team. (Bowdoin is it?) [45k]

New England's 1996: The Shave Down

Pre-shave. [31k]

The chest mohawk. Is it making your skin crawl, too? [36k]

Bruce and Aaron. I gotcha Bruce! (You got a pic of me, I got a pic of you. :) So what it's the same pic) [31k]

New England's 1996: Team On Deck

Ahh, just look at all the morale. Paul is standing, front row is Mark and Ben. Can't make out anyone else. [27k]

More of the team on deck. [28k]

New England's 1996: Events and Results

50fly: Apparently that's me splashing about. It was good enough to get me to finals. [25k]

50fly: Ooo, that's me on the right! The one next to the guy with the cowboy hat on the right. [20k]

50fly: Still there, and the only guy with no pants. [23k]

100fly: AAA! Why couldn't I keep this exposure for the rest of the pics?! <sigh> Not sure which lane I'm in. Probably 7. 1 is closest. [36k]

100fly: Ok, maybe it's 8 'cause 7 got there too fast. [35k]

100fly: Coming up on the 75. I think I'm in 7 and Joe is in 8. [35k]

100fly: See me and Joe? :) Yes, far left, Joe, then me. Thanks to the shaving. [29k]

100fly: Me and Joe again. [25k]

200 fly results: Aaron and Joe are the first 2 to the left of top. Joe has no pants. [23k]

200fly: Joe is jumping onto wet tile. Smart, Joe. Very smart. [21k]

200 Medly Results: We're far left. [26k]

200 Medly: Still there. [22k]

Final team standings: I think we're just to the left of top. Those look like our sweats. [20k]

Final team standings: In case you thought the last pic was blurry. [19k]

New England's 1996: Seniors and Senior Walk

Yay, this pic isn't too blurry! Ben, Brian, me and Joe. [40k]

Me and Coach Benedick. [18k]

Seniors on the wobbly bulkhead. [23k]

Us again with that great exposure setting. I think we're right in the middle, just under the right side of the American flag. [38k]

Darker, but we're still in the middle (and panicked for our wobbly lives). [22k]

Bright again and still on the bulkhead. [40k]

I guess that's me (with no pants) walking back. [17k]


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